Wooden Picture Hanger by In The Daylight

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Wooden Picture Hangers are a simple but beautiful way to bring your favourite A Simple Meandering print to life on your walls. Each hanger by 'In The Daylight' is designed and made in Australia from beautiful Victorian Ash. Your print is held in place with strong magnets, hung with quality 100% cotton twine and can be switched at any time with ease! A truly sublime way of showcasing the detail and texture of your very own print.
Available in the following sizes: 
A4 (230 x 18mm) - made to fit an A4 print
A3 (320 x 18mm) - made to fit an A3 print or landscape A4 print
A2 (440 x 20mm) - made to fit an A2 print or landscape A3 print
A1 (620 x 20mm) - made to fit an A1 print or landscape A2 print